No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Its finally happened. We officially live in the great city of New York.

The journey was long, achy, and at times smelly. But as I sit here typing on top of a box in our little kitchen, city humming outside, Marshall snoring in the dog-width hallway while my husband installs our IKEA table, I can say it was 100% worth the 3 day drive and 9 state lines we crossed.

Having lived within 20 minutes of my family my entire life, the goodbye was a heartache unlike anything I’ve experienced. Being 2,000 miles and 30 hours away is something I don’t think I’ll ever get used to, but luckily this city has plenty of distractions. So after months and months of planning and pinching pennies, we were ready to begin our journey and say goodbye to the house in which my infant handprint adorns the driveway concrete.


I don’t know how many of you have driven across the country hauling a 6×12 trailer containing all the little things that make up your nest, but it is not for the faint of heart. Parking is difficult, going above 65mph is almost impossible, and the roads can be quite treacherous and neglected (I’m looking at you Indiana.) The air will often be thick with the smell of livestock (Kansas), there will be many tantrums over missed exits, and your car will smell like beef jerky, B.O., and in our case, dog farts. For 3 days. But I suppose when your final destination is a long-time life dream city, none of those things really matter. Also Fleetwood Mac makes for great road trip music, just saying. We began our journey on Tuesday, September 12th, and after a brief reprieve with Nick’s family in beautiful PA, arrived in Brooklyn on Saturday, September 16th.  And I suppose that’s where this story really begins.


Driving in the city is already a butthole puckering sort of experience, but doing it with a trailer in tow really takes it to the next level. We paid a few tolls, crossed a few bridges, dodged death by inches a few times, and before we knew it we were pulling up to Bushwick Ave. Naturally, there was not a convenient place to park right in front of our building. In a moment of panic, we turned down a one-way street that we soon realized was also a dead end. We proceeded to make our attempt at turning the car around and going back the way we came, with just one inconvenience: the street was lined with cars and it was fucking impossible.

I’ve only seen my husband this close to tears once (predictably, it was a shin banging incident.) We were exhausted, and frustrated to the point that nothing we did was productive. As we sat defeated, jack-knifed at the end of the street, a miracle in the form of stoop sitters came to our rescue. Having seen us struggle for 20 minutes to move our car more than 2 inches backward and forward, a few friendly men walked over and began guiding us out of the snare trap for cars. In the time it would have taken us to drive back to CO, we finally got turned around and headed in the right direction. We stepped out of the car and got acquainted with our neighbors down the block. Marshall was a hit and made friends with a sweet little girl, and any fear I had of this being an unfriendly neighborhood vanished. Nick pulled the car/trailer triumphantly onto the sidewalk directly in front of our building, we were done messing around.

We got the keys from our broker and got the trailer unloaded in 1 hour. Which is puzzling because it took us nearly 4 hours to load it, but that’s a 2am pondering for a different juncture in life.

We’ve called this place home for 3 days now, and we’ve learned a lot already:

-Memorize the street cleaning schedule for fear of being towed

-Bushwick is super friendly, and filled with helpful Brooklynites. We’ve met many neighbors, all of whom have been extremely helpful in getting us acquainted. (New Yorkers don’t know their neighbors? Phooey.)

-Marshall is absolutely terrified of bus brakes

-Marshall loves to bark at all the new sounds throughout the night (Solution: White noise app and a bluetooth speaker, the cricket symphony sounds just like home.)

-You can find anything you could ever want or hope for in a 99cent store. Including: a toilet paper spring bar, screens for your windows, sheer big-bird-yellow curtains, food, clothes, furniture, copies of keys, jewelry, and probably a kidney

-It takes 50 minutes to drive 7 miles

-You can have bagels and coffee delivered right to your door, from wherever you want. I can’t wait to experiment with all the different things I can have delivered to me

-We are Tetris Masters: moving a house into a studio was no small task

-Pour Drano into your bathtub drain before you shower, there is likely a cockroach living in it (true story.)

-Splurge on the good champagne, pour it into the gorgeous vintage crystal glasses you got for your wedding, and toast to the first night of your new life


Moving to New York was the most terrifying, expensive, stressful, long-awaited event of my life so far. Now that I’m finally here, I can say with conviction, I would do it again a million times. I may have cardboard boxes for curtains, nothing but cereal in my pantry, and a barren bank account, but I have never felt more alive and ready to take on the world. Here’s lookin at you, Brooklyn.

Stay tuned readers, xoxo.




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