Even The Terrible Things

I feel the constant imminence of excitement, of possibility, beating like a heartbeat beneath the pavement. Unpredictability has sunk its teeth deep into my bones, anchoring me to a terrifying city I can't seem to get enough of.

Models and Mortals

New York in the spring is the New York in the movies, the New York you dream about when you imagine making it in a big city, the New York that you actually feel good about living in.

Every time we say goodbye

You'll find that you can walk around with a broken heart and a lump in your throat, and still appreciate how gorgeous the city lights are, how good a warm breeze in the winter feels. You can ache for a familiar place but never want to leave the disarray that has gripped you because it's become a part of you.

If Only In My Dreams

Well, readers, it's already been another month, and it is officially holiday season in New York. We've all seen it in movies, read about it in books, heard about it in songs....but to live it, that's another experience altogether.

The One With All The Magic

To put it as eloquently and authentically as Tolstoy did: I have woken up. I have awoken from a pleasant dream to a terrifying and exhilarating new reality that has whisked the clouds from my mind and made me feel...alive. Truly alive, in a way I have never felt before.

Watch Your Blues Turn Gold

I keep waiting for a crippling reality check, some sign to tell me this was a mistake...things couldn't possibly be going so well, could they? Didn't everyone say this city was "tough" and we were "crazy" for wanting to live here? As it turns out, when you make the decision to ignore negativity and just follow your gut...it takes you exactly where you should be. And so begins my love letter to you, New York.

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

The journey was long, achy, and at times smelly. But as I sit here typing on top of a box in our little kitchen, city humming outside, Marshall snoring in the dog-width hallway while my husband installs our IKEA table, I can say it was 100% worth the 3 day drive and 9 state lines we crossed.

Change of a Dress

Nothing will test the strength of a brand new marriage quite like apartment hunting in a city like New York. It will test your relationship, it will test the strength of your very soul, and most urgently, it will test the strength of your bladder and/or colon.