Even The Terrible Things

I feel the constant imminence of excitement, of possibility, beating like a heartbeat beneath the pavement. Unpredictability has sunk its teeth deep into my bones, anchoring me to a terrifying city I can't seem to get enough of.

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

The journey was long, achy, and at times smelly. But as I sit here typing on top of a box in our little kitchen, city humming outside, Marshall snoring in the dog-width hallway while my husband installs our IKEA table, I can say it was 100% worth the 3 day drive and 9 state lines we crossed.

Change of a Dress

Nothing will test the strength of a brand new marriage quite like apartment hunting in a city like New York. It will test your relationship, it will test the strength of your very soul, and most urgently, it will test the strength of your bladder and/or colon.